ARCO Cappuccino French Vanilla mix case of 6/2 lb bags


ARCO French Vanilla Cappuccino Mix for use in cappuccino machines or blender. We stock three kinds of French Vanilla cappuccino. This one has more of a coffee flavor. The Selections brand we stock has a sweeter and less coffee taste. A number of our customers which enjoy this French vanilla cappuccino will not accept substitutes because they like it so well. Case of 6/2lb (5442 grams) bags. Each case yields 1152-2561 fluid or 1871 average ounces. A case yields enough fluid to fill 371 each 6 oz cups or 169 each 12 oz cups. To make in bulk, use about 2 bags for a 3 gallon thermos, 3 bags for a 5 gallon thermos or six bags to fill a 10 gallon thermos. If you are trying to compare cappuccinos, the froth on the top of the cup should be considered. It adds to the presentation and it contributes to the profits. The froth is less with some cappuccinos and this reduces the yield.

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  • Model: 100310 cs
  • Shipping Weight: 13lbs
  • Manufactured by: ARCO coffee company
  • Condition: new

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